Product Divisions

The wide range of products offered by the Debrunner Koenig Group is divided into four product divisions, each with its own manager. The respective product managers are responsible for compiling and updating the product lines, for developing and implementing product line strategies, and for supporting sales. In addition, the responsible purchaser negotiates purchasing conditions with suppliers and defines the procurement policy for the sales companies.

The following links provide additional information on the product divisions:

Product division reinforcements

The product division for feinforcements and feinforcement technologies (PBB) is one of four product divisions in the Debrunner Koenig Group.

We offer reinforcement technologies and systems, reinforcing steel and mats, and the matching accessories in almost any shape and size, as well as civil engineering products. Fast and reliable delivery and the expert technical advice we provide make us a valued partner in the building and civil engineering industries. We are also competent in special applications for tunnel construction and special-purpose construction.

Product division steel and metals

The Steel and Metals Product Division (PSM) is one of four product divisions in the Debrunner Koenig Group.

In addition to running numerous regional warehouse and sales locations, we also provide extensive services, prefabrication capacity and a wide range of products at our central warehouse. Many loyal customers rely on long-term working relationships with Debrunner Acifer for all their steel and metals requirements. As a competent logistics partner, we function every day as a hub for over 15,000 steel products and as an efficient prefabrication service provider. Our companies meet customer needs accurately and quickly. You can count on receiving personalised and qualified technical and product-related assistance.

Andreas Wild

Head of Product Division

Tel +41 71 274 87 22

Product division water supply and building technology

The product division water supply and building technology (PWG) is one of four product divisions in the Debrunner Koenig Group.

As a specialist in products for water supply and building technology, we offer you a comprehensive range of products from our own warehouses. Thanks to our strong partnerships with the world’s top manufacturers, we have access to the latest technologies and products and are among the leading suppliers in Switzerland. We are dedicated to supplying our customers on time and in accordance with market needs.

Thomas Widmer

Head of Product Division

Tel +41 62 746 82 22

Product division fastener & fixing technology, tools and machines

The product division fastener & fixing technology, tools and machines (PBW) is one of four product divisions in the Debrunner Koenig Group.

Fastener & fixing technology

In addition to our extensive range of fasteners and fixing systems, we also help you to plan your projects and select the right fastener solution. Our range includes screws, nuts, fuse elements, rivets, dowels and pins for mechanical engineering and for the areas of metal, steel and tunnel construction, as well as building with timber. We also offer products in the areas of mounting and anchor technology, chemical and technical products such as fillers, foams and adhesives, as well as fittings and locking systems.

Tools, machinery, work safety and plant equipment

Pliers, clamps, screwdrivers, bits, open-end wrenches, box wrenches, socket wrenches, hammers, chisels, drills, meters and electric machines. No matter whether you work in a trade or an industrial enterprise, you can choose from a wide selection of tools and machines. Our broad range also includes fashionable and safe protective work clothing as well as items of personal protective equipment (PPE) from the leading brands. For an optimally furnished workplace, we carry a comprehensive equipment and furniture range including workbenches, storage racks, workshop vehicles and vehicle equipment.

Thomas Widmer

Head of Product Division

Tel +41 62 746 82 22