Benefits at a glance

This is what we can offer you

  • Above-average performance-based pay as well as a bonus upon graduation
  • Various events and activities with the Learning Community during your apprenticeship, for example Winter Camp, a kick-off event, the Mountain Forest Project, and exam preparation
  • Varied tasks and the opportunity to work independently
  • Internships relevant to your chosen occupation
  • Modern working tools and workplaces
  • Good support by qualified instructors during your apprenticeship
  • Working side-by-side with the permanent staff
  • Free textbooks and materials
  • REKA checks
  • Opportunity to take part in an internship exchange programme (languages) after your apprenticeship
  • Transition into a career after the apprenticeship
  • Work location accessible via public transport
  • Attractive purchasing terms at the Tradespersons' Centres
  • Opportunity to participate in the Swiss vocational championships (SwissSkills)