Working in the Debrunner Koenig Group

“Wherever you need us” – this is the vision embraced by the Debrunner Koenig Group. With sales locations throughout the country (Debrunner Acifer – Metall Service Menziken – Debrunner Acifer Bewehrungen) and the personal contact between our employees and customers, we are true market partners, enabling us to make a significant contribution to creating value.

To make sure it stays that way, we conduct internal and external training events for our around 1,700 employees that foster and enhance both technical and sales skills.

We attach great importance to ensuring that the women and men who work for us are able to reconcile professional, family and private interests with the needs of the company. By actively involving groups with various levels of potential and different skill sets, we increase our productivity and competitiveness.

The Debrunner Koenig Group provides placements for roughly 150 trainees in various occupations and thus actively cultivates the coming generation.

With our employee strategy as part of the Klöckner & Co SE Group we pursue clear objectives:

Leadership and corporate culture
We support and facilitate an open and constructive environment in which discussions and the exchange of ideas take place within a framework of mutual respect and trust.

Focus on performance
We reinforce our employees’ understanding of the relationship between individual performance and the success of the company.

Talent and succession management
We find, develop and hold onto young talent and thus ensure the sustainable growth of our company.

Attractiveness on the job market
We make a name for ourselves as an attractive employer so that we can recruit and keep good employees.

Occupational safety and health management
We promote a healthy and safe working environment for our employees.