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Small Swiss team triumphs at the occupational European Championships

The Swiss delegation of 13 young women and men, backed by Debrunner Acifer as general sponsor, spent three days in Lille (F) working, sweating and giving their all. In the end, they managed to amass 7 medals, 2 Medals of Excellence and 2 certificates in a total of 11 occupations. Even if one or the other of the candidates might have hoped for more, the Swiss team as a whole put on an impressive performance.

The Official Delegate, Christine Davatz, is proud of the Swiss team’s “excellent” showing: “Our young people did their very best.” She was forced to note, however, that “the requirements are now higher and the competition keeps getting tougher”.

“The Swiss team performed well under very competitive conditions,” agreed the Technical Delegate, Rico Cioccarelli, speaking on the evening of the awards ceremony. He had special words of praise for the Experts: “The demands on the Experts were particularly high in Lille.”

The “Best of Nation” title went to Severin Holderegger of Bernhardzell, who won the gold medal in the occupation of electrician with a clear lead. Debrunner Acifer would also like to congratulate Mike Ledermann for his bronze medal as plumber, and Beat Jung, the new Vice European Champion bricklayer, for their outstanding accomplishments.

For further information, see www.swiss-skills.ch .

Resultate Swiss Team (PDF, 173 kB)