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SwissSkills 2018: Tools and workwear for industry associations

A diverse selection of materials thanks to a wide product range

SwissSkills 2018 industry associations

Nearly 115,000 tickets sold, around 130 occupations and over 900 competitors in 75 professional championships: “SwissSkills 2018 in Bern was a huge success,” says Reto Wyss, president of the SwissSkills Foundation. The high level of commitment shown by all those involved was a real boon: “Not only for the dual vocational training system but also for society as a whole and for the Swiss economy.”

From cook to electrician

For five days, the best young Swiss professionals from trade, industry and the service sector measured their skills against the others, vying for the title of Swiss champion: from painters to agricultural machinery mechanics, from florists to masons, from cooks to electricians, from nurses to carpenters. “We are overwhelmed by the many enthusiastic reactions,” says Claude Thomann, president of the SwissSkills organising committee.

SwissSkills 2018 industry associations
Alois Gartmann (left) with plumber Marcel Wyss, gold medallist at WorldSkills 2017, and heating technician Elias Reber, winner of Debrunner Acifer Trophy 2017.

Industry associations enable participation

To make a professional championship like SwissSkills possible, it takes the commitment of a number of organisations – for example industry associations. It is only thanks to their participation and engagement that the young professionals are able to take part in the competition. Therefore, as Gold Sponsor and official supplier of SwissSkills 2018, Debrunner Acifer also supports various industry associations.

A wide product range available

Thanks to its wide product range, Debrunner Acifer can provide industry associations with a diverse selection of materials: from various steel products and blanks to workbenches, tools and machines, all the way to occupational safety and health products and financial investments. The company is proud to have had a part in enabling the public to experience the diversity of the professional world first-hand.

SwissSkills 2018 industry associations


Interview with Alois Gartmann, project manager of the industry association for building technology

How important is SwissSkills for industry associations?

Professional championships like SwissSkills are important meeting places for industry associations, companies that offer apprenticeships and the public. The various industries are able to present what they do and the audience gets a good insight into different occupations. At the same time, competitions like this one encourage young professionals to aim for top performance, thus demonstrating the advantages of the dual vocational training system. This
enhances the overall attractiveness of apprenticeships.

What objectives did suissetec pursue at SwissSkills?

It was important to us to draw visitors’ attention to the building technology industry and to pass on as much information as possible to potential apprentices. We want to prevent more and more occupations from being outsourced abroad. For this reason, we must lastingly ensure the interest of coming generations by upgrading the image of apprenticeships and demonstrating their benefits. This works quite well with live competitions such as SwissSkills.

What does working with Debrunner Acifer mean to you?

A great deal. We have built up a good basis of trust over the years and therefore enjoy an uncomplicated business relationship. Even in economic hard times we have been able to maintain our partnership – which does not go without saying. Without this additional budget and the sponsored materials from Debrunner Acifer, it would be difficult to realise a stand like the one we have here.

SwissSkills 2018 industry associations
Source: SwissSkills

Swiss Welding Association SVS

Interview with Anja König, head of training and SwissSkills expert

What did you think of SwissSkills 2018?

I had a very positive impression. The competitions went well, and there were no problems worth mentioning. What’s more, the overall mood was simply excellent. We had lots of interested young guests visiting our competition area. This resulted in several conversations and contacts, which really pleases us.

How important is SwissSkills for industry associations?

Especially for the welding sector, professional championships that attract large crowds like this one are very important. As there is no apprenticeship programme in welding, we are faced with the challenge of finding sufficient young talent. The path to becoming a welder usually starts with an apprenticeship as a metalworker or plant and equipment engineer. Afterwards, it is possible to do advanced training to become a welding specialist. Our presence at SwissSkills is therefore an investment in the future.

What does working with Debrunner Acifer mean to you?

I am extremely grateful for the support we receive from Debrunner Acifer. We have a very cooperative working relationship. For SwissSkills 2018, we were equipped with industrial safety clothing and workbenches as well as tube and sheet metal blanks. Debrunner Acifer delivered everything reliably and on time.