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WorldSkills 2019 in Kazan – 16 medals, 5 world championship titles

Well protected to win medals

The Swiss vocational team put in an impressive performance at WorldSkills 2019 in Kazan, repeating their fine achievements at past world championships by winning 16 medals and 13 diplomas. Debrunner Acifer as Gold Sponsor and official supplier of the national team equipped the young talents with industrial safety clothing, protective footwear, masks, helmets and optically corrected safety goggles.

The 41 top Swiss apprentices on the SwissSkills [nk1] team put their capabilities to the test at WorldSkills 2019 in the Russian city of Kazan. For one whole week, the accomplished young people built furniture, did electrical wiring, welded steel pipes, repaired dented car bodies, built walls, repaired agricultural machinery, sewed garments, developed IT solutions and decorated cakes – all at the highest level of quality and under great time pressure.

As one of 77 nations competing, Switzerland vied against the best in the world in 39 different professions – and its efforts were crowned with success. The national team took home 16 medals (5x gold, 5x silver and 6x bronze) as well as 13 diplomas and thus repeated the stellar performance from past vocational world championships. Only the superior Chinese and Korea scored on average more points per participant than the Swiss.

As Gold Sponsor and main supplier of work safety articles to the SwissSkills team, Debrunner Acifer AG once again furnished a balanced selection of high-quality workwear and modern safety items for the young team members.

The BLUEWEAR workwear was designed exclusively for the SwissSkills team and consists of a jacket, trousers and vest. Debrunner Acifer also provided the SwissSkills team with safety shoes, welder’s garments, work gloves, helmets, belts, knee pads, hearing protectors, respiratory masks and optically corrected goggles.